A modern hotel room with a large bed, white bedding, a window with blue and white curtains, bedside lamps, and carpeted flooring.


All 4 Lodging has been manufacturing unparalleled casegoods, LED products, Telephone services, flooring, TV's, hotel marketing and solar exclusively to the hospitality industry. Lasting guest room design. Made for a long lasting life and a long lasting design, our all hotel furniture and fixtures are high-end. Browse our collection services and contact us to receive a quote.

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  • The image shows a hotel room with two neatly made beds, a shared bedside table with a plant, and a wall-mounted reading light between the beds.


An innovative lighting solution can transform your hotel, motel or resort into a "home away from home" for your guests different areas of your hotel, such as the hallways, lobby, outdoor areas and rooms.

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  • The image shows a beige landline telephone with a coiled cord placed on a desk near a window, with a dim lighting setting.


Now you can get an end-to-end communications, collaboration and application package that goes far beyond call control. It’s purpose-built to help improve operational efficiency and guest experience.

  • The image shows a modern hotel room with two beds, a TV, a desk with a chair, a patterned carpet, and large windows with sheer curtains.


Highest quality product at the lowest price with the best possible service. All4Loding provides endless customization without the typical custom markup, because pricing is based upon product, dimensions, wear layer, and quantity.

  • A close-up shot of hands making coffee with an espresso machine. One hand is operating the machine while the other is holding a white mug.


Glassware, Mini Bar, Ice bucket, Coffee maker, Refrigerator, Iron, Safe.

  • A person is pointing a remote control at a TV screen displaying the Netflix logo, with plants on either side of the TV stand.


Bring your guests a truly immersive in-room experience with HDTV and WIFI — including custom content, on-demand programming, pay movies, video streaming and casting of personal content.

  • A modern bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower, a large mirror, a countertop with a sink, and neatly folded towels beneath the counter.


Multi-purpose vanity set option with ample storage capacity and high-cost performance which fits perfectly with any bathroom, and hotel decor.